Outlook Flooring Return Policy

Returns and exchanges are subject to approval and must be made within 30 days of product receipt. Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your credit. This time frame allows enough time for the item to be shipped, received and processed for credit.

Returns or exchanges are not permitted on (a) opened boxes or special orders unless product is defective, (b) close-outs, odd lots, final sales, special deals, or clearance items for any reason.

Product must have been properly stored. Installed product is considered accepted by Buyer and may not be exchanged or returned for any reason. Outlook Flooring will only accept returns if the manufacturers policy will accept the return.

No returns on special order materials.

No returns will be accepted for opened boxes, cartons, bundles, etc... We will ONLY accept returns of material that is still in original manufacturer's packaging without any signs of tampering or damage.

Grout is nonreturnable.

The minimum return charge is a 35% restocking fee plus $99.00 freight. Original shipping and delivery charges are non-refundable.

On cash and carry sales Outlook Flooring is not responsible for product defect or damage, property damage or lost labor costs due to faulty installation.

Claims for damage or shortages must be made upon receipt of product. Thoroughly inspect all products before installation as use will constitute acceptance.

If you have recently ordered your new flooring from us, and you have completed your project and have just 2 or 3 boxes of flooring left, we strongly suggest that you keep them. In the event that your flooring product were to be discontinued in the future, it could be impossible for you to obtain more of that product if the event did arise that you needed to make a repair to your new floor. If Outlook Flooring installed your floor, and you have 2 or 3 boxes of flooring left, this is considered normal waste and all return fees are applicable.

Waste Factors

This is the extra amount of flooring ordered in order to cover cutting and fitting waste. The standard recommendation for a waste factor on hard surface is 5%. If there are a lot of smaller spaces in your flooring renovation or unusual cutting angles (i.e. closets, crawl spaces, hallways, kitchen islands), we will bump up your waste factor to about 10%. If you plan on installing on an angle (diagonally), we will increase the waste factor to about 15%. Also, the larger the floor widths the more the waste factor is increased.

When figuring out a waste factor, it's always better to err on the side of caution. Don't go overboard, but running out of flooring just before getting to the very end of your project can be costly, both money-wise and time-wise.